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How to Get Free Internet?

The internet has surely been the most important thing in this pandemic. People survived the months of lockdown with the help of the internet. The internet became a medium for the masses to connect with their close ones. Generally, with such demand, prices for the particular service remain low, but it is becoming expensive each day in the case of internet services. 

This pandemic has destroyed the financial strength of many people and affected the financial stability of many families. During these situations, spending a lot on the internet is not at all advisable. So families should deviate their attention towards accessing free internet because it is impossible to stay without the internet as per the present scenario. So for doing that, it’s important to know where to access free internet from. 

Let’s list out some of the platforms which are providing free access to the internet:



FreedomPop is a wireless internet service provider operating from Los Angeles, California. They aim to provide free internet access to every person in this modern age. They offer calls, text, and data plans free of cost to the public. 

FreedomPop uses a cellular service called VoIP, which helps the public to use data for making calls and texting. They also offer GSM cards to the public only to those customers who are using an unlocked GSM iOS or Android device.

With a CDMA device, a customer can get 500 MB of free internet per month, whereas, with a GSM card, a customer can get 200 MB per month.



NetZero was established in the year 1998, and it started its services with dial-up connections. For getting the free internet services of NetZero, you need to have a phone line in your house.

NetZero offers the customers 10 hours of free internet every month. If someone wants to use more, then he/she has to pay for that. This type of free service is best for non-heavy users who do not consume a large amount of internet data.

As you can see, NetZero is not as generous as FreedomPop, but 10 hours of internet is also manageable.



InstaBridge can be considered one of the best apps to provide free internet services on your smartphone. This app provides the user with wifi passwords and spots on the go.

When this app was founded, it was originally meant for sharing your home wifi with your friends on Facebook, but it changed its goals and became a larger wifi sharing company.

This app shows the user the nearest free wifi available, as well as the distance and performance of the wifi in regards to speed. This app knows which wifi works properly and will connect the user to that wifi only.


With the financial nightmare prevailing in the world, each and every person can get benefitted from a free internet service. The money that we save from not spending on internet plans can be used for more productive activities.

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